Enlighten your Big Data with Apache Spark™?

Hadoop => Most cost effective and scalable system to store Big Data.
Spark => Simple unified platform for all compute needs for Big Data.
Hadoop + Spark => Complete Business Insights

  • Storage

  • Compute

  • Insights

Have you formed your Data Lake yet?

How sick are you of your data sitting in silos?
How cumbersome is it to get even simple piece of information from other departments?

Big Data Lake at the cost of EDW bucket

Hadoop and other Big Data technologies let you collect all the data in one system, at a fraction of the cost of traditional EDW systems.

No need to think about what data to save and what to throw away. No need to archive data in tape drives.

The benefit: “Get every ounce of Insight from data”

Our expertise in Big Data systems enable us to advise you about the right strategy to create and maintain Big Data Lake.

We have right tools and expertise to process your Big Data once lake is formed.

Spark – The Unified Platform for Big Data Apps

Spark provides a single platform which has libraries for all of your Big Data compute needs.

No disparate compute tools, just libraries

Over the years, multiple technologies have emerged to cater to different big data compute needs like Storm (Streaming), MapReduce, Hive(SQL like interface), Pig (high-level scripting), Mahout(Machine Learning) etc.

These technologies came with their own set of features, as well as Challenges. Spark completely changed the game. It caters to different compute needs by simply providing right libraries. Following are the libraries which come with Spark bundled as standard:

  • Spark SQL
  • Spark Streaming
  • MLLib (Machine Learning Library)
  • GraphX

Our team of experts can help you process data using Spark and it’s libraries, so that you can derive actionable insights that improve your business.

Eureka or Enlightenment phase

The promise of Big Data lies in being able to make more informed decisions – to increase sales, decrease costs, or execute your mission more efficiently. Our Big Data Analytics provide useful insights that until now could only be suggested by sampling, or were completely invisible.

Visualize your way to insights

The insights you need are buried in huge amounts of fast-moving data in a variety of data types. Looking at raw data is not only inefficient but also boring. Humans believe in power of stories and the moment you start visualizing data, it starts telling stories.

We have expertise in all industry leading visualization tools like Tableau, Datameer and Qlikview. We can also help you create custom dashboards which provides tailor made visualization interface.

Here are some examples of custom visualization.

Ask about our free Big Data POC at no cost or obligation.

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