Enabling the Connected Enterprise with Spark

Hadoop => Most reliable,scalable and cost effective Big Data storage
Spark => Lightening fast cluster computing
Spark on Hadoop => low-cost real-time system of intelligence

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Advise on what’s best for you

InfoObjects is your trusted partner in finding which Big Data solution works best for your needs. We are a vendor-neutral, client biased consulting company. Our strong focus is only your use-case and find which distribution works best.

We are a technology company doing consulting

We are a technology company at heart which happens to be doing consulting. This gives our clients an unfair advantage. They leverage our in-depth knowledge not only to find best solution for their needs but also build their IP.

Our commitment to open source

Open source technologies are a game changer in general and more so in case of Big Data world. We believe the kind of value open source software provides to clients is unparalleled. We are strongly committed to promoting, implementing and contributing to open source software.

We not only advise but also partner with you in implementation.


Implementation in Cloud

Cloud environments provide flexibility and agility which bring initial ramp-up time drastically. We help clients optimize Spark clusters on various cloud environments like AWS and Microsoft Azure. It includes various aspects like security, manageability and data governance.

On-premise Implementation

For clusters of significant size, on-premise installation works out better than cloud. We help clients install and fine-tune Spark clusters in on-prem environments.

Our team of experts can help you process data using Spark and its libraries, so that you can derive actionable insights that improve your business.

Eureka or Enlightenment Phase

The promise of Big Data lies in being able to make more informed decisions – to increase sales, decrease costs or execute your mission more efficiently. Our Big Data analytics provide useful insights that until now could only be suggested by sampling or were completely invisible.

Visualize your way to insights

The insights you need are buried in huge amounts of fast-moving data in a variety of data types. Staring at raw data is not only often inefficient but can be also very boring. Humans believe in the power of stories; and the moment you start visualizing data, it starts telling stories.

We have expertise in all industry leading visualization tools like Tableau, Datameer and Qlikview. We can also help you create custom dashboards which provide tailor-made visualization interface.

Here are some examples of custom visualization.

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