IoT, Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Big Data => System of Intelligence built using Kafka, Spark & Hadoop
IoT => Edge Analytics
Advanced Analytics => Descriptive -> Predictive -> Prescriptive

Spark,Kafka & Hadoop

IoT & Machine Intelligence

Advanced Analytics


Listen to your needs

InfoObjects is your trusted partner in finding which Big Data solution works best for your needs. We are a vendor-neutral, client biased consulting company. Our strong focus is only your use-case and find the best solutions for you.

Resource as a Service

We are there to complement your existing team. Think of it as a hybrid cloud. You approach us when you need additional and advanced help. Like cloud you can scale up and down based on your needs. We understand it is extremely difficult to build expertise in cutting-edge technologies and that’s not your core focus anyway. We take care of technology plumbing for you so that you can focus on delivering value to the business.

Solution as a Service

Sometimes best strategy for you is to completely off-loaded implementation part to us so that you can focus exclusively on business needs. With our center-of-excellence both onsite and offshore, this strategy brings incredible results.

We also advise on cloud hosting.

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The Juggernaut of Public Cloud

For a long time, I was not convinced about the power of the public cloud. Naturally! I, like many others, thought that it was a sideshow, and one which would mostly cater to startups and some medium size companies. However, I discovered I could not be further from the truth. The cloud, from the very More

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