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North America Careers

Data Analyst

InfoObjects, Inc., has openings for Data Analyst in San Jose, CA:

Job Title: Data Analyst

Job duration: 40 Hours / Week, Permanent position, Full time

Job Duties: Participating in the capture of data gathering, cleaning, consolidation requirements.
Working on the collecting the data from Salesforce portal and cleaning the data to make it
available for consolidation. Working on Sales data to collect information from various brand
partners to make it readily available for data improvement and final reporting. Involve in
migration of enterprise dashboards over to new integrated BI tools. in the company (Superset).
Performing quality checks on the top key accounts and created dashboards into looker and
Salesforce. Working on to match the client’s data and create accounts for them.
Working on Excel to present and create reports on the operational data. Participating in the
analyzing the business flow, data using flow chart. Use statistical data and tools to interpret data
sets, to identify trends and patterns that could be valuable for diagnostic and predictive analytics
efforts. Evaluate systems for efficiency, problems, and inaccuracies, developing and maintaining
protocols for handling, processing, cleaning of data, to develop and maintain efficient databases.

Job Requirements: Required Master’s or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, CIS, MIS,
Information Technology, Applied Mathematics, or related field. Must be able to travel/relocate
to various client sites throughout the U.S.

Location of Work: InfoObjects, Inc., 4950 Hamilton Avenue, #108, San Jose, CA 95130.

To contact or to apply please send resumes to HR Manager InfoObjects, Inc. ,4950 Hamilton
Avenue, #108, San Jose, CA 95130, U.S. or Email:

Software Developer

Infoobjects Inc., has opening for Software Developer in San Jose CA:

Job Duties

Manage software systems with performance monitoring, automated testing, continuous deployment, recovery and backup. Work with software developers in the implementation, coding and testing phase. Develop test plans and conduct program tests to verify program functionality. Resolving technical issues through Debugging, research & investigation. Develop and maintain systems documentation such as design specifications, user manuals, technical manuals, and description of application operations, methodology documentation. Work with large and unified Data pipelines that support both batch and Real-time processing. Handle large and complex datasets (both structured and Unstructured data). Integrate data from Multiple data sources. Process and clean unstructured data and structuring it for analytical needs. Designing and Implementing Data products. Work in Cloud Computing Environments. Design and analyze business process to determine the exact nature of user’s system requirements. Participate in technical collaboration meetings for implementation of custom software.


Job Requirements

Required Masters or foreign equivalent in CS, CA, CIS, Engineering (Any), MIS or any related field. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.


Location of work:

San Jose, CA


Please email or mail resumes to:

Systems Analyst

Job Title: System Analyst

Job Duties

  • Participate in agile scrum development process
  • Analyze, define, design and implement multi-tier distributed applications
  • Design code and test major features, as well as work jointly with
  • other team members to deliver complex changes
  • Proactively detect and resolve system issues
  • Analysis of software requirements
  • Software system design and development
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Java J2EE Development
  • Java Coding, Spring, Hibernate, etc.
  • Solid theoretical knowledge on Java Coding

Job Requirements

  • Required bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in CS, CA, CIS, Engineering (any), MIS or any related field.