Hybrid Cloud Platform

Introducing our preconfigured “Instant-on” scale-out native cloud platform

We bring the Cloud to your data

Peer pressure can be tough. In one ear, you hear nothing but “Go AWS or go home!” and in the other ear you hear push-back from IT and Legal telling you what a can of worms it really is. This makes it seemingly impossible to even get started on your cloud migration journey.

Believe us, we know all about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
But Infoobjects is here to change all that.

Our Platform

  • Preconfigured “Instant-on” scale-out native cloud platform
  • Spark and NVMe architecture for analytics workloads
  • Powerful Machine Learning and AI automation
  • Custom-built software stack with APIs to AWS
  • Kubernetes-powered container management

AWS APIs are the key

Hybrid Cloud delivers compatibility with the most used services on AWS.

What this means for our customers is that any AWS installation using these services can be imported from AWS and then installed and run on the Zettabytes PaaS Hybrid Cloud Appliance. It also means that any cloud service developed in-house using these services can be pushed out to AWS, without any changes being made.

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Use Cases

On-ramp for AWS

For organizations that need a solution that enables them to adopt AWS at their own pace

Off-ramp for AWS

We provide a full range of hybrid cloud services that simplify management of applications and data cross cloud and on-prem environments