Focus on Financial Services

Customer 360 and Mobile Banking are quickly becoming the use cases that drive most to adopt a big data and analytics strategy.

How InfoObjects helps

The most common use cases for analytics in the financial services industry are Fraud, Compliance and Risk, and Security.

Customer 360 and Mobile Banking are quickly becoming the use cases that drive most to adopt a big data and analytics strategy that includes the cloud. Big Data Analytics is quickly transforming the banking and credit card industry.

We start with a single use case and build a platform that enables the rapid expansion and adoption of the new analytics capabilities. We have several areas where we make an immediate impact:

Unifying Data

With a pure vendor neutral approach we help by building a data pipeline to bring data to a common lake and leverage the firm’s wealth of information for easy analysis. This data is typically a wide range of financial information including event data, structured data from SOR, semi-structured and unstructured data, from the online channel, core banking applications, payment services and CRM.  We take extra care to identify compliance and privacy issues and architect a data workbench that allows for data governance, data prep and exploration.

Seeing through the Data

Finding accurate and real time information from a financial instituations data is of high priority and requires real time streaming transformation and machine learning to find valuable insights from the data. InfoObjects has deep expertise in refinement and enrichment of data by building data science models and leveraging open source recipe’s for machine learning and AI. We are experts with numerous powerful and flexible open source tools.

Track and mark your data

Real-time interaction helps to track the behavior of data avoiding writing complex queries. InfoObjects leverages the capability of Spark and Machine Learning models to build dynamic, highly interactive applications. This helps in the real time data preparation by leveraging machine learning models with proven data science to track and mark their data for deep dive analysis and real time reporting.

Transforming Data

Finding relevant information from processed data and transforming it into business insights adds growth to any company. InfoObjects’ real time AI enhanced analytics workbench can help to abstract user specific criteria and forecast it using workload automation and scheduling.

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