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Continuous Integration/Delivery

Develop process and tooling frameworks for continuous integration and continuous delivery




Infrastructure as Code

Design and deliver infrastructure as code

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Monitoring and Logging

Organizations monitor metrics and logs to see how application and infrastructure performance impacts the experience of their product’s end user. By capturing, categorizing, and then analyzing data and logs generated by applications and infrastructure, organizations understand how changes or updates impact users, shedding insights into the root causes of problems or unexpected changes. Active monitoring becomes increasingly important as services must be available 24/7 and as application and infrastructure update frequency increases. Creating alerts or performing real-time analysis of this data also helps organizations more proactively monitor their services.

How we do it ?

  • Agile methodologies

  • Automation and orchestration

  • Application and infrastructure lifecycle management

  • Configuration Management

  • Service Management Automation

  • Container Management and Microservices deployment

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