Why do you need a Guru?

Analytics Data Science is changing the way we look at business intelligence and innovation. The digital transformation taking place in most companies is the move to leverage their data with new analytics technologies to create a competitive advantage, provide differentiation, and grow revenue.

The challenge today is this:

Data comes in various formats and is often stored in siloed data sources like data warehouses, hadoop, cloud storage, and relational databases. Add to that the complexity of real time streaming data from customers, connected devices, mobile, etc. and you have a Big Data problem.

How do you solve it? Old School IT + Data Science + Business Requirements = repeat the past. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

What we do that changes everything

We were born in the cloud, have mastered open source technologies, and we’ve built our services capabilities with specific expertise to solve these fundamental problems. We provide enterprises access to a special forces team of 250 engineers, consultants, and developers who:

  • Design and implement data pipelines and integrate data silos to form a logical data warehouse
  • Engineer “real time data enriched” analytics powered by Apache Spark
  • Provide systems integration and an agile development team
  • Work in partnership with SAP, Microsoft, AWS, Databricks, and Cloudera
  • We are a one stop shop for AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science resources
  • And most importantly we let your business begin to operate like a startup

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