Public Cloud Orchestrator (PCO)

As more and more organizations are moving to the public cloud, connectivity is becoming a multi-facted puzzle. There are various cloud providers and then, for any given cloud provider, various services.
Though as much as Cloud looks easy to access (like connecting to AWS from an airport WiFi), most companies do not want to allow that level of free access for their employees. On-prem installations may have had many negative side-effects, but at least they provided tight access control.
PCO solves this problem by enabling you to both manage and control public cloud services right from the desktop environment IT is familiar with.

Salient Features


There are two choices to handle encryption: Client-side and server-side. PCO helps to do encryption right on your desktop so no unencrypted traffic ever leaves your premises. A user should be able to view any unencrypted file in the PCO. If you would like to keep a local copy, that would be stored in the local hard drive in a special area encrypted so the only way to view what’s in a given file or folder is through PCO if you are authenticated and authorized.


PCO allows data to be compressed before uploading and decompressed after downloading which brings a benefit both in terms of footprint and network traffic.
The following compression formats are supported:

  • Snappy
  • LZO
  • GZIP

Product Roadmap

The first version of the product has support for S3. The following cloud products are on the roadmap:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • EC2 Orchestration
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Kinesis
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Aurora
  • AWS DynamoDB

Download(for Windows x64)Download(for MacOS x64)Download(for Linux x64)

Multi-cloud Support

The world is slowly going to become multi-cloud after migrating to the cloud. PCO will soon have support for multiple cloud service providers where you’ll be able to run workloads on the cloud of your choice (think of getting a real sweet deal on AWS spot instances).

We can also provide custom integration for any of the specific cloud services you would like. Please contact us at for more details.