Offshore Data Science Services

The InfoObjects onsite/offshore model is not limited to providing large volume software development services. We also have a huge pool of data scientists available at our offshore center of excellence.

Data Science meets Data Engineering meets Application Development

The collaboration of data scientists, data engineers and application developers increases the added value for an organization multifold. Our teams work as augmented staff with your in-house teams, and we have a 24-hour office running off-shore. So coordination and communication challenges which are typically encountered in outsourcing projects do not exist when you partner with InfoObjects.

Cost Savings Amplified with high-end skills on TAP

Getting data engineering and data science help offshore will lead to far greater savings than traditional application development work. Since the role of data scientists is sometimes finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, these cost-savings can take you a very long way in enjoying more actionable insights. And do so without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in our off-shore data science services, please email