Spark on Tap – jump-start your Big Data project

A lot of big data projects do not have a predictable schedule. Every stakeholder knows that Big Data analytics is critical to the organization. There are various reasons which lead to this delay. A typical big data project involves collaboration from multiple teams and multiple data-sources. So many moving parts lead to delays. No group can carve out enough details to actually get moving on Big Data project. It keeps delaying projects and company loses opportunity to have competitive edge early on which it can get by deriving insights from Big Data.

Solution: Spark on Tap

InfoObjects’ Big Data on Tap program solves this problem. You can buy as many hour slots you would like, starting with 10 hours pack. You can use them as you need and there is no expiry date. These credits can be used towards any Big Data works you have like

  • Initial Discovery
  • Installation of Big Data Lake and configuration
  • Performance optimization of your existing Big Data Cluster
  • Writing Spark Jobs
  • Spark SQL query optimization
  • Visualization and Dashboarding

This plan has been instrumental in giving a lot of clients a head start on Big Data projects. Please contact our Big Data team to get more details.